Paper...Our great love!

We really don't like plastic. We did everything to eliminate it!
The tissues and the package are completely made of paper and the blister is made of a 100% compostable material.

The sheet of paper is made up of a mix of cellulose fibers which are extracted from wood, a natural and renewable raw material.

In Italy in 2020 90% of paper pulp comes from forests certified according to the FSC® criteria.

The paper companies belonging to the association respect a code of conduct for the sustainable management of wood purchasing:

  1. Sourcing: compliant with the laws of the place where the wood is produced and purchased in accordance with environmental management systems.
  2. Legality documentation: allows you to ensure compliance with the purchasing process.
  3. Inform and train people involved in refueling processes.

  • Quality & Sustainability are our top priorities.

    Each material is certified, and as producers we have full control of the production chain.

    Thanks to FSC certification we can know the provenance and origin of wood and paper.

Paper, but not only!

Yes, paper is our main ally, but we want to make this gadget 100% eco-friendly.


  • Water-based inks

    Are an eco-friendly alternative to those with pigments. As the name suggests, their main diluent is water: they do not emit unpleasant odors and are not harmful, indeed, they are sustainable because they do not contain PVC, phthalates, heavy metals and have a low formaldehyde content..

    * for small quantities