Promotional Soft Tissue Packs


Fully Customizable


Extended Brand Recall


A Gift Always Welcome


Useful All Seasons

to Use it.

Appreciated all over Europe, Todomodo is a tool suitable for all the market sectors, perfect for distribution during events, meetings and special occasions. Discover more…


How many items, blister package, closing label color. All Todomodo tissue packs are unique. Here you can find how you can make it unique too…


Thanks to a careful choice of the materials, Todomodo can be 100% eco-friendly, fitting the needs of the companies that make environmental protection their strength.

Who We Are.

Gruppo Sanfaustino, established in 1957 as a traditional printing company, nowadays is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and it is specialized in printing services, below the line communication, label & packaging, digital marketing and procurement. Since always focused on customizable paper-based products, over the years the company has developed a wide range of promotional media including Todomodo.